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The inaugural conference of the Jean Monnet Project “EU Responsibility in the International System (EURIS)” will concentrate on an introduction to the topic of EU liability/responsibility from the perspective of international and EU law.

There will be three broad themes that will revolve around (1) the ILC Draft Articles on the international responsibility of States (2001) and international organizations (2011) (evolution of drafts, choices made, omissions, critique with an emphasis to the criticism articulated by the EU to the ARIO); (2) the EU (and EU law) choices and stance with regard to its responsibility/liability (internal dimension and mechanisms, contractual and extra-contractual liability of the EU, EU perceptions on its responsibility in the international realm – vis-à-vis third actors – and choices made); (3) cases where multiple actors are involved in the commission of an internationally wrongful act with an emphasis on shared responsibility and its usefulness for developing a consistent approach to EU and EU MS responsibility (models of shared responsibility, complicity, consequences of the commission of an international wrongful act in a shared responsibility scenario etc.).

The purpose of the conference is to highlight the points of convergence and divergence between the general rules on the responsibility of IOs and the special practices followed by the EU, as well as to underline those crucial parameters that bring together the two models (linking the EU legal order to the international one), such as the lex specialis principle, the reference to the internal rules of an IO with an emphasis on the relevant Union rules, the practice of mixed agreements and the responsibility allocation patterns that can be discerned.


|Friday, 14 May 2021|

Welcome and Introduction [15:30-15:45 ΕΕΤ]

  • Panayotis Glavinis (Professor, Faculty of Law, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Member of the Governing Board of the Koufa Foundation)

1. ILC Draft Articles and EU responsibility: A general framework [15:45-17:00 ΕΕΤ]

Chair: Aristoteles Constantinides (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Cyprus)

  • Emmanouela Doussi (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
    “Revisiting the ILC’s work on responsibility of international organizations ten years after the adoption of the DARIO”
  • Nikolaos Voulgaris (Athens PIL, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; European Public Law Organization (EPLO)) Derivative responsibility in the ARIO and the curious case of the EU”
  • Antonios Tzanakopoulos (Oxford University)
    “The element of normative control in attributing conduct to international organisations” 

Keynote Speech [17:00-17:45 ΕΕΤ]

Dr. Esa Paasivirta (Adjunct Professor, University of Helsinki; formerly Legal Advisor, European Commission)
“From engagement to responsibility: Observations on the EU’s international responsibility”

Chair: Maria Gavouneli (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, National and Kapodistrian University Athens; President, ILA-Hellenic Branch; President, Greek National Commission of Human Rights)

Pause [17:45-18:00 ΕΕΤ]

2. The internal mechanism of EU liability: Evolution and interaction with the DARIO [18:00-18:50 ΕΕΤ]

Chair: Petros Stangos (Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Law, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

  • Kathleen Gutman (Court of Justice of the European Union)
    “The internal mechanism of EU liability (non-contractual and contractual liability for acts and omissions of its organs and beyond)”
  • Melanie Fink (Europa Institute, Leiden University)
    “Attribution of conduct in EU Public Liability Law and the ILC Articles: Convergence or divergence?”

3. EU responsibility in the international system: Special regimes and the rules of the organization [18:50-20:10 ΕΕΤ]

ChairPhotini Pazartzis (Professor and Director of the Athens PIL, Faculty of Law, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens; Chair, Human Rights Committee; President, European Society of International Law)

  • Cristina Contartese (The Hague University of Applied Sciences)
    “EU international responsibility in international economic law: From the WTO to the Energy Charter Treaty”
  • Vassilis Pergantis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
    “EU international responsibility in the field of human rights protection: Developments regarding the EU accession to the ECHR”
  • Lorenzo Gasbarri (Bocconi University)
    “EU responsibility and the dual quality of its law: Reconciling the internal legal system with the international lex specialis”

4. EU responsibility in the international system when multiple actors are involved [20:10-21:00 ΕΕΤ]

ChairKonstantinos Antonopoulos (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Thrace)

  • Ilias Plakokefalos (Athens PIL, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
    The guiding principles on shared responsibility: A general presentation” 
  • Vladyslav Lanovoy (International Court of Justice)
    “The responsibility for aid or assistance in the commission of an internationally wrongful act: The EU and its Member States”

Concluding Remarks [21:00-21:10 ΕΕΤ]

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