Past Events

The Foundation regularly organises and holds scientific colloquia on various current, hotly contested topics of both greek and global significance. You can find a summary of all events held since May 2013 here:

  1. Legal Dimensions of the International Financial Crisis, Colloquium -May 2013
  2. Migration and Law: National and International Dimensions, Conference -May 2014
  3. Crisis in Ukraine: Aspects of International Law and International Relations, Colloquium in Komotini -April 2014
  4. Refugees and Asylum: From Theory to Practice, Colloquium -February 2014
  5. World War I Centenary, Colloquium -December 2014
  6. Nikos Tsagourias, Lecture on the “Jus ad Bellum Aspects of Cyber Operations” -January 2015
  7. Sophia Koukouli-Spiliotopoulou, Lecture on “Austerity Measures Condemned by the European Committee of Social Rights in the Light of EU law” -May 2015
  8. Public Debt and Human Rights, Colloquium -December 2015
  9. Konstantinos Ifantis, Lecture on “Greece and Turkey: Neighbours at a Time of Peril” -March 2016
  10. The Refugee Issue and the Implementation of the EU-Turkey agreement, Colloquium -May 2016
  11. Ioannis Papageorgiou: Lecture on “Developments in Asylum and Migration in the European Union” – November 2016 
  12. “Dimensions of the Refugee and Humanitarian Crises – a Dialogue on the Rights of International Protection Beneficiaries” within the framework of the Jean Monnet Project, “Discourses on the European Union and Human Rights” – April 2017 
  13. Fausto Pocar: Lecture on the European Union and International Human Rights Law – June 2017
  14. Seminar on Equality and Non-Discrimination in the European Union – November 2017 
  15. “Common European Values: the Pillars of Democracy and Solidarity”, Colloquium -December 2017
  16. “‘STOP TERRORISM’: Terrorism, Human Rights and Use of Force”, Colloquium-November 2019
  17. “Artificial Intelligence and Normative Challenges: International and Comparative Legal Perspectives”, Colloquium (webinar)-April 2021
  18. EU Responsibility in the International System: Setting the Stage – Conference May 2021
  19. The responsibility of the European Union in the international legal order: theoretical approaches and implementation – Two-day Conference November 2021