Thessaloniki Summer Courses

The Kalliopi Koufa Foundation has launched, beginning July 2015, an academic program providing a unique experience for participants specializing in international law and human rights. The program under the title “Thessaloniki Summer Courses on International Law and Human Rights” offers, on a yearly basis, a two-week intensive and highly stimulating summer course covering a variant of salient law and political issues in the relevant social sciences fields.

The “Thessaloniki Summer Courses on International Law and Human Rights” are hosted by the Foundation in the historical city of Thessaloniki, consisting of lectures, workshops and seminars conducted by prestigious academics and practitioners from all over the world, aim to bridge theory with practice and to nourish interactive dialogue. They engage every summer in the in-depth examination of a specific international law and/or human rights topic that is highly significant and current.

  • The First Thessaloniki Summer Course hosted by the Foundation in the city of Thessaloniki from 1 to 10 July 2015 examined the ever-increasing importance of energy law and was titled: “International Aspects and Issues of Energy Law”.
  • The Seventh Thessaloniki Summer Courses hosted by the Foundation in the city of Thessaloniki from June 28 to July 7, 2022 dealt with climate change in the light of international law and was titled: Climate Change and International Law.

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