Two-day Conference on “EU Responsibility in the International Legal Order”

The two-day Conference “The Responsibility of the European Union in the International Legal Order: Theoretical approaches and implementation” took place in Amphitheatre I of the Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center (KEDEA) on 5-6 November 2021.

The Responsibility of the European Union in the International Legal Order: Theoretical approaches and implementation

Considering the European Union’s increasing presence in international relations, the Conference purported to examine in detail issues pertaining to the Union’s responsibility for internationally wrongful acts. Emphasis will be placed on (1) the primary rules of international law binding the Union; (2) the requirements for invoking the EU’s international responsibility, especially issues of responsibility division/sharing between the Union or its Member States; and (3) the mechanisms for invoking the Union’s international responsibility and seeking redress for unlawful acts. The Conference covered various fields of interest, including international trade and investment, international environmental law, the Union’s international development policy, the protection of human rights and the Union’s responsibility for its missions/operations within the CSFP framework. These topics will be discussed by professors and law practitioners with extensive experience in the relevant fields.

The Conference took place on 5-6 November 2021, in hybrid mode, with speakers and attendees participating either physically or digitally via zoom. This scientific conference was organised within the framework of the K. Koufa Foundation for the Promotion of International and Human Rights Law’s Jean Monnet Project “EU Responsibility in the International System [EURIS]” (Academic Coordinator: V. Pergantis, Assistant Professor, Law School, AUTh) and was placed under the auspices of the Law Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

You can find more information about the Conference here.

Conference Poster and Programme (in Greek).