How to apply

General Instructions

1. Consult the application deadlines and fees. Take advantage of the early-bird offer!

2. Download, fill in, and submit electronically the Application Form [Word Document] together with a CV of yours at summercourses@koufafoundation.orgSend the CV irrespective of whether you apply for scholarship or/and the Diploma Exam.

3. In case you apply for scholarship, please request two persons to submit recommendation letters on your behalf within the deadline for application at

4. For more details, please see below.


Application Deadlines and Fees 

Applications for the 2021 Thessaloniki Summer Course will open on the 6th February 2021.

Prospective participants must download, fill in, and submit electronically the Application Form [Word Document] together with their CV at Applicants shall include their CV irrespective of whether they apply for scholarship or/and the Diploma Exam.

There will be two deadlines for application as shown in the following table. Upon the application deadline, you may express your interest to participate by email at The Organising Committee shall consider your request.

Application Deadlines Notification of admission and of acceptance of scholarship request Application fee and payment deadline Withdrawal Notification

A. Early-bird application

31 March 2021

10 April 2021 250€
due 20 April 2021

Withdrawal until 30 April 2021, 100€ reimbursement.

No reimbursement after that date

B. Later application 31 May 2021

*extension until 11 June 2021

10 June 2021 300€
due 20 June 2021

No reimbursement

 A. Early-bird application: Candidates applying until 31 March 2021 will get a reduced application fee of 250€. They will be notified on their admission and any decision on scholarship requests via e-mail until 10 April 2021. They will need to pay the application fee until 20 April 2021. In case of withdrawal until 30 April 2021, 100€ will be reimbursed. There will be no reimbursement after that date.

B. Closing date for application is 31 May 2021 and the application fee is 300€. Candidates will be notified on their admission and any decision on scholarship requests via e-mail until 10 June 2021. They will need to pay the application fee until 20 June 2021. There will be no reimbursement in case of withdrawal.

The fee covers registration, online attendance, course material and the appropriate certificate of attendance.

Participation is subject both to approval of the application and due receipt of the payment of the fee.

You can apply only online. Incomplete Application Forms or hard-copy forms sent via regular mail will not be accepted for consideration.

The e-mail address provided in the application form will be used for all contact concerning the Thessaloniki Summer Courses. Please make sure that it works and consult your inbox regularly.

Payment information

Payments must be made to a Foundation’s bank account. Full details will be given to the selected applicants by email.


The Foundation may offer a limited number of scholarships upon its discretion to candidates who are nationals of non-EU and non-OECD countries and hold a law degree at the time of application.

Scholarship requests should be made upon application and be accompanied by two recommendation letters to be sent directly to the e-mail of the summer courses ( by the referees within the application deadline.

Instructions for having the recommendation letter sent by your referee:

In the recommendation letter the referee must indicate his/her full title, name, university/company and e-mail address. References can be written in English or French. They should be signed and sent by the referees themselves as PDF files to Please do not ask your referee to send hard copies.

Applicants must fill out the name of their referees in their application form.

Applicants granted a scholarship will be exempted from the participation fee. 


Certificate of Attendance and Course Diploma

The Foundation awards a Certificate of Attendance to all participants who have regularly attended the courses, lectures and expert workshops.

The Foundation will also award a Course Diploma. Only participants holding a law degree will be eligible to apply for the Diploma exam. To obtain the Diploma, you will need to attend diligently the courses, lectures and workshops and participate in an online examination in English on Thursday, 1 July 2021 in the afternoon. The Foundation reserves the right to make a choice of the most qualified candidates to sit in the exam. For practical reasons, the number of participants taking the exam cannot be very large. The Director of the Summer Course has the discretion to make a selection based on comparison of the qualifications of interested applicants.

For that purpose, be sure to attach your CV with a list of publications and two referees in your application form. Please note that taking the exam also involves the payment of an administrative fee of 20€.

The diplomas will be awarded to successful participants during the closing ceremony of the 2021 Summer Course.


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