The Foundation

The Kalliopi Koufa Foundation for the Promotion of International and Human Rights Law is a charitable institution.
The Foundation, a legal person governed by private law, is subject to the monitoring and control of the Minister for Finance, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs. The Foundation was established in May 2012 (Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic 1491/B/2012) and has its headquarters in Thessaloniki.
The object of the Foundation is the theoretical and applied research and cultivation of international law in all of its aspects, and in particular the promotion of the multidisciplinary study of the protection of human rights and of humanitarian law, at an international and national level. In particular, the object of the Foundation includes:

a) The promotion of the study of and research in international law in Northern Greece, and the creation and dissemination of specialist knowledge in this subject, with particular emphasis on the promotion, safeguarding and defence of human rights and of humanitarian law.

b) National rapprochement along the axis of the aforementioned object of the Foundation, especially in the wider area of Southeastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and scientific contribution towards the creation of a more active and dynamic Greek presence in related international and European scientific events.

c) The provision of monetary or other financial support (e.g. meals expenses, school enrolment fees , courses or seminars, hotel accommodation, etc.) and the award of prizes for scientific papers in fields which are related to the object of the Foundation, and contribute to the furtherance and promotion of a more dynamic and active Greek scientific presence in the field.

d) The scientific connection of the Foundation with other Greek and foreign foundations, organisations or associations, university foundations, centres, institutes and scientific bodies governed by public or private law, which share the same or similar scientific objects or interests.

e) Participation in Greek and foreign research programmes and grants by international organisations, the European Union and other foreign and Greek bodies.

The means to achieve the foregoing objectives are mainly the following:

a) The organisation of courses, lectures, seminars, conferences and any type of event related to international law or individual or relevant independent branches thereof, including, at all times, the protection of human rights on a national and international level, as well as the participation of Greeks in similar or corresponding events abroad.

b) The grant of monetary and other financial support for the specialisation of scientists, in the foregoing disciplines in Greece or abroad, and the award of prizes to Greeks and foreigners in subjects related to the foregoing disciplines and to the special objectives of the Foundation

c) The conduct and financing of research and study of a theoretical or practical nature on subjects related to the foregoing disciplinary fields and the special objectives of the Foundation, and the publication of relevant scientific papers and works.

d) The cooperation of the Foundation in research and other areas with international organisations, Greek and foreign universities, foundations, centres, institutes, organisations or associations and other bodies governed by public or private law which have the same, or a similar or related scientific object or interest, in Greece and abroad, and which sympathise with the object of the Foundation and wish to cooperate with it.

e) The drafting and submission by the foregoing persons to public authorities, international organisations or other associations and bodies governed by public or private law, of memoranda, reports and propositions or proposals on special subjects, related to the object and the disciplines of the Foundation, including making representations regarding ascertained violations of the rules of international law and in particular the rules governing the protection of human rights.

f) The gathering and dissemination of information material and texts pertaining to international law and in particular to the international protection of human rights, as well as the creation of relevant data records and of a databank, on condition that this activity will be within the limitations set by applicable law from time to time (e.g. law 2472/1997 on the Protection of Individuals with Regard to the Processing of Personal Data).

The Foundation is managed by a nine-member Governing Board, consisting of the founder and eight (8) more members.

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