Jean Monnet Project “Discourses on European Union and Human Rights”

Start: 01-09-2016 – End: 31-08-2018
Project Reference: 575175-EPP-1-2016-1-EL-EPPJMO-PROJECT
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Jean Monnet Activities
Action Type: Jean Monnet Projects


Background and rationale of the proposal
1. The imperative need of researchers and civil society to interact with the development taking place at European level in the field of human rights protection as well as to identify new questions that touch upon core issues which affect the citizens’ way of life in a transformed society.
2. The obligation of researchers and academics to promote and enhance the knowledge of the fundamental rights protection as well as to readdress the benefits of European integration and the essence of the constitute elements of European citizenship, in the light of the rise of radical sentiments in European societies.

A) To increase the interest and enhance knowledge in the field of EU studies, particularly in the field of the European protection of Human Rights in order to prepare the future political and economic leaders, as well as opinion leaders and law makers.
B) The stimulation of research and reflection and dialogue in the field of European integration studies, particularly EU human rights protection.
C) To inform the public about recent developments in the EU fundamental rights protection. Activities and main outcomes
The aims and objectives of the project will be achieved by:
1.The introduction of new teaching activities and self-training tools promoting active citizenship which will be available to the general public.
2. Advanced research on different aspects of European human rights protection. Research will result in the publication of high level research material, for example collective volumes.
3. The organization of events such as conferences, roundtables and guest lectures, which will ensure debate, the flow of knowledge and academic reflection.
4.Networking which will result in the establishment of structural links with other institutions.
5. The implementation of a thorough dissemination strategy. All products of the project will be available to the public and will be broadly disseminated.

 Activities – Events

Summer Courses: “Human Rights Protection and Regional Integration: Can the European Union be an Example?(2018 Thessaloniki Summer Courses) [27/6/2018-7/7/2018]

Colloquium: “EU and Southeastern Europe: Democracy and Human Rights challenges [16/12/2017]

 Colloquium: “Common European Values: the pilars of democracy and solidarity

 – Seminar: “Equality and non-discrimination in the European Union”  [20-23/11/2017]

Guest Lecture: “EU and International Humanitarian Law” [28/6/2017]

Conference: “Dimensions of the Refugee Issue and the Humanitarian Crisis – Dialogue on the Rights of International Protection seekers”  [3/4/2017]

Guest Lecture: “Developments in asylum and migration policy in the European Union in the light of the recent refugee crisis” [2/11/2016]