Faculty, Timetable and Venue of the Course

The Faculty of the 2015 Thessaloniki Summer Course is the following:

Catherine Redgwell (Chichele Professor of Public International Law, Oxford University)
Introductory Course on International Energy Law (IEL)

August Reinisch (Professor of International Law, Vice Dean of the Law Faculty, University of Vienna)
IEL and Issues of International Investment Law

Andreas Ziegler (Professor of International Law, University of Lausanne)
IEL and Issues of International Trade Law

Andrea Bjorklund (Full Professor, L. Yves Fortier Chair in International Arbitration and International Commercial Law, McGill University)
The Intersection of Arbitration and International Energy Disputes

Anastasia Strati (Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Permanent Mission of Greece in the EU)
IEL and Issues of the Law of the Sea

Danae Azaria (Lecturer in Law, University College London)
IEL and Issues of International Environmental Law

Christos Rozakis (President of the Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe and Professor Emeritus) will deliver a keynote speech in the opening session.

A series of lectures on the Geopolitics of Energy will be given by:

Angelos Syrigos (Assistant Professor of International Law and Foreign Policy, Panteion University) on Regional Security Systems in the Eastern Mediterranean and International Law

Manos Karagiannis (Senior Lecturer, King’s College, London) on EU Energy Law and Policy

and Alexandra Sdoukou (Legal Advisor, Greek Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment and Energy) on Energy Geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Exploration of Greek Hydrocarbons

The venue of the opening and closing ceremonies will be the Conference Hall of the Peiraius Bank (12-14 Katouni str., 3rd floor). For all other days the course’s venue will be the Manoledakis Amphitheatre of the Thessaloniki Bar Association (3, Isavron str., 3rd floor).

For the full programme and analytical timetable of the course and the map of the two venues, click here.

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