“The Protection and Preservation of the Marine Environment in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)”, Dr. Karakostanoglou, Lecturer

The lecture will deal with the jurisdiction of the coastal states over the marine environment of their respective EEZs, for the purpose of protecting and preserving it. The marine environment consists of all parts of the area of the EEZ (water, sea bed and its subsoil) as well as of all the living and non-living resources contained in the EEZ, which are subject to the sovereign rights of coastal states and their jurisdiction or other rights over all economic uses of the EEZ.

It will also describe the rights and obligations of the port states and flag states regarding the marine environment of the EEZ.

Special emphasis will be given to the long term conservational objectives relating to the living resources of the zone which exceed the mere control over marine pollution. The last part of the lecture will briefly deal with the Marine Strategy of the EU.



1. Introductory remarks

2. General principles for the Protection and Preservation and for internatio­nal cooperation

3. Jurisdiction of the Coastal State

4. Basic framework of legislative and enforcement competence of the coastal and third states

a)       Legislative competence

–        Pollution from ships

–        Pollution from sea-bed activities and by dumping

b)       Enforcement competence

i)     –        Pollution from ships

–        Flag state enforcement

–        Port state enforcement

 –        Coastal state enforcement

ii)     –        Pollution from seabed activities by dumping

5. State responsibility and liability for pollution damage

6. Long term conservation and utilization objectives of living resources in the EEZ as a means of protection and preservation of the marine environ­ment

7. Brief reference of the Maring Strategy Directive of the European Union as a comprehensive and updated policy for the protection and preservation of the Marine Environment

8. Conclusions