Assistant Professor Vasiliki (Vicky) Karageorgou – Curriculum Vitae

vicky karageorgouVasiliki (Vicky) Karageorgou studied Law at the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and then obtained a Master’ s degree (Magister Legum) in Public Law from the University of Cologne. In 2002 she completed successfully her PhD in the field of the environmental law in the University of Cologne (published by Nomos Verlag). After her return to Greece, she worked as a Legal Advisor to the Greek Deputy Minister for Environment and as a Consultant to the United Nations Environment Programme-Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP-MAP). She also worked as Senior Investigator in the Greek Ombudsman (Quality of Life Department) for five years. Since 2010 she teaches European Environmental Law and Policy, International Environmental Policy and International Development Law at the Department of International, European and Area Studies of the Panteion University of Social and Political Science (from June 2010 to February 2015 as Lecturer and from March 2015 as Assistant Professor). Her research interests include European and National environmental Law in interrelation with the International Environmental Law (EIA, Access to justice, Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control), Water Law, Economic instruments for the environmental protection (e.g. Emissions Trading and Environmental Taxes) and Energy Law with emphasis on the legal framework for renewable energy sources.

She is author of three monographs (the published form of her dissertation and other two monographs in European Administrative Law, with the latest one focusing on the principle of transparency in the EU legal order), while she has also published extensively on issues relating to European and National Environmental Law in co-relation with International Environmental Law both in greek (journals and books) and in english (mainly chapters in collaborative works). She has participated in various research projects, including those that aimed to facilitate Greece’ s neighboring countries to reach the acquis communautaire in the field of the environmental legislation, while she has served a legal Advisor to various public entities, municipalities and NGOs on issues relating the environmental legislation. She is a Member of the IUCN Environmental Law Commission, the Avosetta Group of Environmental Law Professors and the Executive Board of the Greek Association of Environmental Law.