European Union Responsibility in the International System [EURIS]

Με ιδιαίτερη χαρά το Ίδρυμα Καλλιόπης Κούφα ανακοινώνει ότι έγινε αποδέκτης επιχορήγησης στο πλαίσιο του προγράμματος Erasmus + για την πραγμάτωση του διετούς (2020-2022) Προγράμματός Jean Monnet “European Union Responsibility in the International System [EURIS]” (620967-EPP-1-2020-1-EL-EPPJMO-PROJECT) με Ακαδημαϊκό Συντονιστή τον Επ. Καθηγητή Νομικής ΑΠΘ, Β. Περγαντή.

Programme/ Key Action Type: Erasmus+ / Jean Monnet Activities

Reference Number: 620967-EPP-1-2020-1-EL-EPPJMO-PROJECT

Start: September 2020 – End: August 2022

Background and Objectives

The Jean Monnet project “European Union Responsibility in the International System [EURIS]” aims at fleshing out the intricacies of EU’s responsibility in the international system.

The project purports to:

  1. Systematize the practice on EU and Member-States responsibility and render more accessible the governance schemes that impact on the liability question.
  2. Target multiple groups as it aims at facilitating our understanding on the workings of the European Union and its presence in the international legal system.
  3. Disseminate information that will benefit the wider public. By rendering more easy to grasp EU governance, the various activities in the framework of the project will increase effectiveness of judicial protection in areas of shared or exclusive EU competence.

Research and Publications

The purpose of the project’s research initiatives is to determine the state of the art on the law of international responsibility and more particularly, the responsibility of the EU in the international system. This will allow to systematize the issues and highlight in which areas further communication to the public is needed. There are four research clusters:

  1. EU Responsibility in the Field of International Economic Law
  2. EU Responsibility for the Protection of Natural Resources and the Environment
  3. EU Responsibility and Human Rights
  4. EU Responsibility in Common Foreign and Security Policy

The key research findings will be included in the project’s publications (working paper series, ensuing books or edited volumes in periodicals, training manuals) as well as in the audiovisual material and the material posted in the Observatory.

Activities and Events

The project aims at both preparing events where a systematic picture on EU responsibility will be drawn and expanding research in the four clusters, where more specialized and targeted analysis and presentations will be offered. These events will be organized bringing together scholars and practitioners from both EU and international law, as well from other fields.

For more information, visit the Jean Monnet website.